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From her groundbreaking rock-violin in the popular rock band Veslefrikk to her deceptively easygoing and witty folk music performances in the feminist band Amtmandens Døtre, Hege Rimestad has been an acclaimed Norwegian violinist since her teens in the 70´s.

Hege Rimestad is a name to be reckoned with in World Music with a list of merits that includes the Mari Boine Band, her solo album Hvite PIl (US release: White Arrow), and a long-term cooperation with folk music troubadour Geirr Lystrup - a cooperation which also resulted in the coveted Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannpris) for their children's album Fly som en stein (Fly like a rock). She has contributed to more than 60 studio recordings with bands such as Seigmen, Velvet Belly and Bigbang.                                                                                                                              Rimestad enjoys playing with electrical effects which allow her to expand and enlarge the violin´s timbre and the soundscape it creates.

Part of Hege's appeal undoubtedly lies in her unique mix of Indian and Norwegian violin traditions. In 1982, Hege was given the opportunity to study south Indian violin in Los Angeles with world-renowned violinist L. Subramaniam. This Indian influence provides the raw materials for a rich supply of scales, a strong rhythmic focus and a decidedly oriental thread that can be heard in the melodies Hege weaves in her improvisational and compositional works. Add to this Hege's fascination for Norwegian folk music and Norse mythology, and one begins to see the truly unique fingerprint that Hege Rimestad's violin and compositional techniques represent. A sampling of this can be heard on her 2012 album The Seed Keeper.

Hege Rimestad's versatility as an artist is as unique as her music. From sultry solo performances featuring her electric violin to lively folk music groups, from experimental compositions performed live within dance and theater performances, to internationally award-winning music written for animated film (Sinna Mann of Anita Killi). Or as a leading 1997 newspaper reviewer put it when describing her 1997 solo debut album Hvite Pil (White Arrow):

Here you will find bewitching rawness and hypnotizing exoticism, wild magic and smokin´ rock and roll. If you hang on tight to the mane of the wild horse Hege Rimestad has hitched to her musical carriage, the journey will take you from Bagdad all the way to Jotunheimen. This record makes the well-worn expression "World Music" seem a bit faded. Perhaps we can call it a World Barn Raiser? Fredrik Wandrup, Dagbladet.

                        Excerpts from the albums Hvite pil/White arrow og The seed keeper:                                                                   1: Monsanto out  2: unreleased track   3: Rupin river 4: Fembøringen.                 Video filming and editing: Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson. Location: R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz.                

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